What the…. is WikiStrike! 

We are withnessing the rise of new generation stirkes that are organised as swarm like direct actions and combining the power coming from production, consumption and communication/hyperconnectivity. So in addition to the power coming from the unique position of the industrial workers in the production line, in WikiStrikes we can combine and utilize the power of hightech workers/sysadmins/hackers with the power users and consumers and power coming from  hyper-connectivity which enables large scale collective intelligence/creativity and collaboration among these powers. The new generation strikes therefore could often manage to harmonise many kinds of direct actions in a positive, assertive, productive and creative frameworks. Such open framework is called WikiStrike.

So, WikiStrike is open ended and can fuse all form of strikes including traditional walk outs and picketlines used mainly by unionised industrial workers, which aims at improving working conditions and living standards by changing the behaviour of the employer or political ruler.  WikiStrike can visuliase and hence can put forward a clear vision for transition to future working civilizational alternatives to existing system by convincing msases that they need to act to protect life, justice and peace at local, national or international levels. Any force of social change from individual to collective could join in WikiStrike and work in a collaborative and constructive way to achieve his/her self-determined objectives.

Notrh African intifadas, Spanish 15M,  Global Occupy uprisings have proved that the WikiStrike is a string idea effective tool between 2011-2013. GNUnion aims to follow, investigate, and develop this poweerful tool in relation to #www call, in order to katalize larger scale changes by self-organised working man and women.

This is the Wiki where you can start initiating and collaborating ideas to hit exploitatative and abusing anti-social structures, turning all our lives into hell at some point:


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