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imece imageGNUnion is not GNU/Linux

Agreeing with many others who think global working class is currently making it self through ongoing and intensifying struggles, GNUnion is a formulation of a good collective hacking, as a bottom up classlesness project, surely one part of wider free libre and open source code, of which algorithms are currently being written:

“The seed form of the self-organisation of the global working classes needs to be simultaneously well grounded, transnational, and global. It needs also be open, free/gratis and accessible for all the working people; so that they can freely enter and leave it. As modularly integrated organized networks aiming the emancipation of labouring people globally should be aiming at and capable of linking industrial, digital and informational workers, like hackers, system admins, developers, academics, artists, sex-, domoestic-, immigrant-, future- workers and unempoyed so all fragmented segmetns of the working people of the world that includes social-, environmental-, cultural-, informational-, gender- … justice activists.

Such an organism should be welcoming, and operating similar to Anonymous, 15M, Occupy, Gezi and other new experments with organised-network forms, yet based on more advanced, structured and dynamic working protocols, closer to FLOSS projects, grassroots and worker’s owned cooperatives. Adoptable principles and protocols can be pre-determined, yet as the coding process itself these has to be very well documented, open and freely accessible to local, workplace, neighbourhood, issue based, activist or other form of collectivities and individuals that wish to take part and contribute. The relationships should not allow one way flows, as in membership, business, service, representation logics clearly designed for disempowerment of many, and empowerment of the core. Which lead, at the end of the day, to the reproduction of disempowerment for larger segments of the nodes involve, creating clientalism, exhoustion and / or cooptation of the entire network. Such new form should not be organized by professional intellectuals and activists from outside in, and from top down towards the working people. With an opposite perspective, it should be an open design process led by volunteer participation, based on self-governing and representation principles.

It should be able to put forward creative, assertive and effective direct non-violent mass action, which makes fun of and ridicule the target by allowing the formation of collective intelligence. An active peer-to-peer self-learninig protocols and praxis should be at the core cultural production and re-creation beyond straitjacket put on the working ‘class’. Instead of having teachers who must show the right and enlightened road to the candidate working class members, who needs to get a self-consciousness, a global and networked labour union should be providing working people with the access to the tools, resources and key networks that would make self- empowerment easily possible. By linking spaces where continuous open exchanges take place and carry the energy from one space to other. Utilizing How to(s), Do it Yourself and Do it With Others guides, in online and real world context, by FLOSS communication tools as well as mass-action tactics it would replace top down (issue-anger-action) organizing model, which would allow self-articulation, respectful and collaborative working praxis by harmonized through peer-to-peer digital communication where possible and desirable, as well as face to face and secure meetings, cultural and recreational events. It should be collaborating with other organizations, creative and productive projects that undermines capitalist mode of production and develop the algorithms and codes of alternative modes, as operating systems that could replace capitalism. Such global network needs to grow by linking existing radical networks groups of activists, hackers,organizers, makers, DIY groups, squatters, eco-willages, diggers, immigrants, asylum seekers, solidarity networks, and so on. In a way all nodes could associate with the globally networked ties, while keeping their autonomy.

While all empowers one, one empowers all!”

GNUnion (Global Networked Labour Union) is a Beta 1.0 version which was released on December 1, 2013. The project is inspired by the history, struggle and experience of IWW and GNU/Linux.

The main objective is to create a meshwork, knowledge, infrastructure and political struggle in order to realize Free, Libre, and Open Source Social-Economic Operating Systems beyond Capitalism.

The ‘code’, is open to all, all is free to copy, share, modify, and spread the code. We encourage all to collaborate with us and each oteher to move GNUnion idea forward, using one or more of our online spaces, under Mesh Network page.


1. Global Networked Labour Union aims at creating one big mesh network for the global working class from Global South and Global North by linking networks of

  • high-tech/knowledge, industrial and service workers

  • domestic, immigrant, rural, jobless and future workers

  • solidarity, activism and research networks

  • labour, environmental, social justice and information freedom activists

2. GNUnion aims at hyper-empowerment of all the individual nodes and networks involved

3.  GNUnion aims at emancipation of human labour, creativity and potential from current dominant system based on waged slavery by mesh networking existing and working alternatives and  building new ones

4. GNUnion aims at combining labour, digital, creative and media activism to confront system with transnationally meshed, systemic and strategic mass actions

Membership and Governance: GNUnion is an free, libre and open sourced mesh organised network. It does rely on peer to peer logic instead of client-servant membership logic.  So, it is free to join and leave GNUnion as individuals to collborate with others involved. It is possible to associate with GNUnion’s code as a colletive, organisation, or network; or to create a fork. Linking to the GNUnion as an organisation, network of individuals or organisations, happens when such vertical hubs declares publicly and encourages their ‘members’ to freely become peer nodes in GNUnion meshnet.

The internal organisational decisions and operational functioning of these hubs are independant from to GNUnion  All nodes and communication among the nodes, and the key information in relation to GNUnion related actions, projects, activities and other kinds of collaboration and operations, are open and accesible to all the nodes.

Political and Technical Tools

1. Online networking tools for transnational self-organising through the global production-commodity chains or networks

2. Global exchange ties  through self organised, floss and transnational skill sharing, trainings and strategy meetings

3. WikiStrikes combining whistleblowing, hacking, creative media actions and art-attacks, walkouts, slowing down

4. Social network strikes and actions combining twitter  storm, mass facebook mobilisations, online livestreaming.

5. Open and public collective negotiations with TNCs like  Facebook, Amazon,Ggoogle, MicroSoft, Apple, WalMart, Monsanto


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