#M1N5 Social Network Strike – PRISM Break-out!

prism1Our first direct ‘mesh’ action will be a transnational social media strike to target PRISM and all involved corporations and state appratus across the world. Priority objectives of the strike will be to force state elite and the capital to hand-off the private and public data, and stop abusing people for thier commercial and tryannical purposes. The action will reclaim what is ‘social’ and belong to people in societal communication!

We call all high-tech and industrial workers, hackers, system admins, digital artists and activists to bring their power coming from production, consumption,  communication -so a being society, and GNUnite to start a full strike at the PRISM on May 1st, 2014!

Tag: #M1N5  

Code: PRISM Break-out!

Targets: PRISM contractors such as Apple, MS, Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Objective: Getting people out of PRISM contractor telephone,  internet and social network provider firms and transfer them, and their data, to safe alternatives that are being build

Time Frame: May1st – November 5th

Status: Loading… %11

Related: #www – Worldwide wave of actions

Slogans: Hackers, coders, sysadmins, users, and workers of the world, GNUnite!

Another World Now!

fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/11.11.11worldstrike/  




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