LabourLeaks project teams will initially scan and analyse the leaked documents that are released by Wikileaks, like the Global Intelligence Files as well as other groups like Anonymous, GlobalLeaks, so on, with the objective of hacking injustice labour and production relations as well as the means and forces of production. Overall target is to replace the existing mode of production with its working alternatives.

As initial targets, what shall we be looking in such massive data will be about producer, designer, users and consumer right violations such as stolen data, planned obsoloscence, illegal and dangerous material use, corporations that are selling user-and costumer information to other companies or states, production related threats to workers and public health so on.

We will not only make relevant data public with mass alternative media campaigns, but take them into account in order to form strategic solidarity networks among networks working in that area and constructive non-violent actions be it in workplaces, production lines, global supply chains, streets and squares in order to catalyze replacement of capitalism by floss alternatives to it.

Anyone who like to contribute to LabourLeaks could FLOS work groups on Kune, N-1 or in any other space, give link to GNUnion or work independantly, in order to dig into the GI Files for the terms like ‘strike’, ‘labour’, ‘workers’, company name, as well as other relavant possible keywords by using the search engine. Works groups are autonomous in terms of the choice of form and content of their collaboration on the ideas, and towards the material they work on as well as how to translate it into actions. All interested groups are welcomed at and encouraged to develop ideas and projects within GNUnion-LabourLeaks mesh network which will be playing an hyper-aggregator role and mass collaboration space to increace the magnitude of all potential actions and campaigns.        


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