Some reflections on the history-hack by Brian Holmes: New brief history of neolbieralism as modernism 2.0?

Social Network Unionism

The below is a mind blowing text by Brian Holmes: Volatile Smile – Information’s Metropolis..  the text is full of history hacking of major importance…

I just have tried to highlight the two the sharpest points that created a cerebral
drifting in my mind out of the text. Though it needs further work on facts and figures
in order to establish the idea, this post still presents an informed reflection on the detour take Holmes us over Chicago, based on my current work. Potentially I believe that what the story Holmes lies down here infront of our eyes, so naked, might change the brief history of neoliberalism as we know into a longer history of the emergence of global Informationalism as the sub-structure, even mode of production that has kicked off sort of a Renaissance 2.0; which might be started somewhere in the mid-late 19th century and evolved into a second Modernism project with ups and…

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