Event proposal for Friday the 27th for #OccupyInternet #Maagdenhuis #LSEOccupatin #GlobalSquare #manif2apriv | ‘How to produce, open, share, and protect the emancipatory space-time collectively’

Social Network Unionism


This week several important events are taking place in Tunis.

One is World Social Forum, which has lost long time ago its fame as the world’ unique gathering space for progressive, horizontal, democratic, left social movements; a movement of movements or network of networks. It has become a carnival or fair for well funded and coopted NGOs, or touristic activity for the NGO cadre and hence subjected to criticisms coming from many social movement activists or advocacy groups that are engaging in real struggles on the ground, like ours, from around the world. In the absence of similar space, for the world-gathering of people’s grassroots struggles, two years ago, in 2013 the WSF was organized in Tunis for the first time; since Tunis has become a symbol of the new wave of mass uprisings started in 2011. This year as the second time WSF planned to take place in Tunis…

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