A New Alignment of Movements? Strategies for a Convergence of Movements | Report by Pat Conaty and David Boiller

Can we build a Co-opting Proof, Collaborative, and Cooperative, one big Commons Movement? | On the report by David Boiller and Pat Conaty

Social Network Unionism

The below report is written by Pat Conaty and David Bollier. It resonates very much with the discussion we have been trying to catalyze at the Networked Labour e-list, therefore is much welcomed. It is the second part succeeding the Open-Cooperatives report recently circulated and published on Commons Transition website. Reading both reports through one gains very important insights about how new movements are evolving and what would one can do to link these movements around ‘hypothesis of the Commons’, as one big transition movement.

One systematic problem of the overall vision is that it is drawn from a higher level, then thr commons ground occupied by the grassroots movements. For instance, the links are thought to be built by the expert communities of interlockers, who are most of the time to be funded and act as professional cadre, who would most probably tend to play the self-reclaimed role of professional…

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