December 18, 2014: Fourth Global Day of Action for the Rights of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People!

Social Network Unionism


Let’s give identity and dignity to the thousands of migrants deceased and missing along the migratory routes around the world!


40 thousands are the migrants dead on the terrestrial and maritime migratory routes since 2000. It is stated on the last published OIM report. Almost 22 thousand have died in the Mediterranean Sea. And thousands are still missing. They are the new “desaparecidos”.

The anniversary of the shipwreckdisaster in front of the Lampedusa Island on October 3rd, 2013 in which 368 people lost their lives has brought to the political world scene the tragedy of the migrants deceased and lost along the migratory routes.

However, politics and media are transforming the victims in numbers, digits, statistics. And this can give us sometimes the dimension of what is happening in front of our eyes.

But numbers, digits, statistics take people’s identity away. It transforms them in “objects”.


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