Global Thunderclap Interference: Today is 7 October Happy ‘World DecentWork Day” TUC You

imageToday is 7 october ‘World Decent Work” day, and we will celebrate the world decent work day of the masses of unemployed and hopless, who are now being sold to companies not only for free but with monetary awards paid with peoples money for being very nice and polite by accepting and letting slaves do some stuff in their plantations and develop themselves. Our special present goes to TUC, a ‘trade’ union that backs up this corporate scam in the UK, let’s have some fun with such decent ideas about the ‘work’.

Here is the fun! A ‘Global Union’, IndustriALL, launches a social media campaign today called “STOPrecariousWork’, see the website:

And this one is the website of the Boycott Workfare campaign in the UK. They are fingering the antinomy of the TUC, and social-patological parties declaring sincere support to this maniacal free labour / workfare / slavery benefit scheme in the UK, that double penatrates the public:

Anyone like to join to our spontaneous Interference action to the ‘#STOPrecariousWork’ twitter campaign, aiming to ridicule and address the antinomies of TUC, as well as similar union and left party positions in backing up such slavery schemes, we invite you all to create an interference to the IndustriALL campaign using hashtag #boycottWorkfare, linking global trends and important issues and mobilisations going on around the world, like #OccupyHK, #occupyKobane, #direnKobane through the tweets you send.

During the day we will be using a collective pad to produce and shaer creative and multi lingual tweet samples, in order to help others:

Join the action!

Campaign Tag: #STOPrecariousWorkimage

Interference Tags: #TUCbacksWorkfare #BoycottWorkfare #fuckworkfuckfare

[BoycottWorkfare is also the name of the campaign in the UK, that is portesting TUC’s support for Workfare regime]


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