Call to forums and networks for a pre-meeting on October 24-26 in Istanbul: Let’s organize the 3rd Agora99 in Istanbul in 2015!

Social Network Unionism

Open Letter to Gezi Forums and networks on the idea of organizing the 3rd Agora99 in Istanbul in 2015

Starting in 2011, the world witnessed a wave of truly transnational and global grass-roots uprisings. In Tunisia, Egypt, Iceland, Greece, Spain, Israel, Chile, the UK, the US, Turkey, Brazil and in many other places people took to the streets to protest against injustice and inequality and for democracy. Struggles that had been ongoing for years gained new visibility and new movements and struggles formed.

These uprisings spread from on place to another ignited by distinct local issues. However, self-organisation, connectivity and horizontality have become characteristics of all of these uprisings: They practice new forms of democratic decision making and do not have leaders. They organize through assemblies, working groups, and convergence spaces and allow mass participation grounded in social networks and online meetings.

Also, transnational and translocal ties that connect groups…

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