Code Red Alarm: Another World right now, before a global counter-guerrilla warfare hits!

Social Network Unionism

What has been happening in Rojava and at turkey-Syrian border is extremely worrisome and tension is rapidly spreading in Turkey. Things can escalate in Turkish cities, putting nationalists, Kurdish movements, Islamist radicals, and progressives into clashes with each other, leading to the destabilization of the last brick on the wall about to collapse. Yesterday in Istanbul University campus there were IS supporters attacking and chanting radical slogans, being attacked back by left groups. Kobane has been under a very heavy attack by IS and total amount of refugees crossing border (and young and men returns to war zone) has been between 2-3 million people. In southern cities there has been increasing aggression towards new comers. No body seems to know what will bring tomorrow. This sounds pretty much like a Global Shock Doctrine in being implemented.

The doctrine is implemented especially in, for and on peoples’ of Europe and the wider West. The…

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