All for commons humanity, commons humanity for all! 


All for commons humanity, commons humanity for all! 

Not too long, just 100 years ago.. Barbarism has been open and core, the principle form of the dominant culture of the western, white, Christian, capitalist man [and women]. It was implemented in the periphery and out side of the city fortress, savagely..

It has been the biggest and darkest shame we have been bearing, being forced to bear as the shuddered and alienated humanity. That’s why we all need to feel and share the responsibility, if we are to grow up as a commons civilisation. This is important especially because slavery and barbarism does exist and is still very much the same thing today. It gets even worsen in terms of quantity, the amount of forced and enslaved is astronomical. Savage and barbarian slavery is already part of Indian and Chinese capitalism, and it gets closer to make a return in its darkest forms in the heartland of western capitalism as well -so near to you. If nobody do something about it on time!

We believe it is the highest time to mindfully care about and love our selves, others and the cosmos surrounding us. Stand up and do anything we can to stop the insanity of the capitalism and make all the 1% pay for their present and past crimes.

In order to dismiss the dominancy of the barbarian 1%, we must hinder all forms of elitism and conformism, which serves to sustain the rule of the narcissist and pathological capitalists and the state classes.

We believe, transcendent and mindful, transnational and peer to peer working class formation, self-organisation and non-violent creative and collaborative mass direct action is not only possible it is happening. This has been one of the things what we needed to be able to negate the barbarism and pathology of the class society. The other need was a clear vision of another world we wish to live in, and concrete working mechanisms to realise it. We do have this vision and mechanisms today as well.

Global Working Class, composed of commoners, workers, makers, hackers, free lancers, artists, students, women, lgbts, activists, researchers…. a planetary class that is aware and conscious about itself, others and societal structures surrounding and shaping it, so it can heal itself and act as a swarm to brake-through those structural frameworks while replacing them with an healthier new world. It takes immense efforts and requires patience but the more hands there is, the easier and faster change gets.

To get free and live free, all for one one for all!

Global Networked Labour Union


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