Public Launch of the #MayDay #MetaStrike: This MayDay Give an Happy End to the ‘Game of Morons’

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Today, May First 2014. The radical change process the humanity have been going through for a while recently got accelerated. Capitalism is dying and the entire planet is headed faster towards two alternative scenarios. First one is the darkest option, a shadowy Orwellian post-capitalism. Before this option to come into reality a catastrophic war between ‘great-powers’ is inevitable. The second option is much brighter one, an healthy and joyful advanced communiterian civilisation. We invite you all to consider that the time might have come to make your biggest bid and jump forward in your collaborative efforts, projects and activism. This #MayDay we call on you and your community to put further efforts to collaborate with others in order to give an happy end to the ‘Game of Morons’ and to build the path that would lead us all out of the ‘Game of Drones’.

Today, May First 2014, several online  spaces and tools are getting activeted to faciliate and coordinate an open ended systemic-hackaton. Initiated by GNUnion and tagged as #MayDay #MetaStrike, is an action, project and process at the same time. The aim is to contribute to the convergence taking place between local, regional, national and global communities of workers, activists, hackers, commoners, farmers, flos software and hardware developers, peer produsers, sharing, and solidarity economy networks, assemblies, collectives and many other initiatives and projects. We will be collecting ideas, information, and links, mapping and sharing collected information. We will be expanding the number of interlocking nodes that bring existing andin progress projects, thousands of pieces forming a global puzzle, together. We will give a massive scale of visibility and strength to all the nodes and hubs of the networked whole. by organising regular local and translocal meetings and assemblies, mobilisations, mass social network and media campaigns. This open ended strike process, will allow us to mesh network and collaborate stronger in hacking down the dying old and cracking the borning new operating systems of the powerful. We will be striving for making the best chance to stop and eleminate those who steer the world into a global war and dark techno-fascistic aftermath.

Therefore #MetaStrike is not an action for action’s sake, it is not political activism alone. It is a survival call to form classless and borderless fellowships between the good, naive but strong working man, women, and lgbt, old, young and children from all colours. We believe it is time to seriously build the economy that works for all and the society that runs it creativley, collaboratively and peacefully. We believe it is the time to GNunite for that another world now.

The links to the wiki space, network mapping tool, social network space, and open pads we will be start using are given below. Let’s start and do it:



Organizing Network:



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