Call for Inter-Galactic #MayDay Awakening: Open-ended Systemic Hackaton

Dear brothers, sisters, friends, and those we don’t have any clue about who they are but still need to work together,

Bunch of us, who are linked to the recent grassroots uprising, yet not become part of any one existing or new organisation, network, party, established or horizontal collective although felt being tied to most of them at the same time, have been developing a collaborative, open source and libre ideas and spaces to crack capitalism, in a nicest possible way. Soon enough, so before it does that to the majority of us without any mercy. One of these ideas is outlined here:

This is an idea formulated as a systemic and long term [meta]strike, which will start on May Day. The stike is being built rather as an open ended (hasta la victoria siempre) hacaton. Which would aim to bring critical amount of labour, social justice, free information activists to developing world wide organising and networking infrastructure that combines software and face-to-face tools and methods. Such infrastructure will focus on linking alternative communities, economies and cultures. The objective is bringing existing and working parts from local, national and international leves to complete puzzles of floss operating systems. This is needed to overcome the problems and limitations raising from being isolated in lower scale, and to create the synergy to solve these problems. May Day is a good day to mesh up with capitalism, and it will give at least a bit of a vision of the chance we have to replace the wage slavery based and increasingly authoritarian and fascist one.

Any kind of constructive collaboration with comrades around the world would honour us, as  individual fingers of the same fist, which is getting ready to rise world wide.

In global solidarity


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