Important Request with regard to the Rising Worldwide #WaveofAction #WWW

In order to mesh existing autonomous networks that are planning and putting forward thier non-violence, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-authoritarian, anti-homophobic, anti-elitist, pro-peace, pro-revolutionary, and pro-evolutionary actions and mobilisation across the world and to start to act in a globally connedcted harmony, wave, rise, resist, dance, jazz, attack and swarm together, as billions of Mohammed Ali stinging the 1% along the road from MLK to May The Day We Fight Back, from 15M to 17S, from 15O to Nov5th and beyond, we invite all you to start posting on Facebook, Google+1, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks news, links, feeds, visuals by adding hashtags #WWW and/or #WaveofAction or both.

Every and each one of your posts including these hashtags will be connecting all of us, creating massive human tides and waves of action, crossing artificial borders set between and within human communities,  and breaking down the pillars of the rulers’ ruthless machine, exploiting all of us and the planet to the level of total destruction!

Please join others in this historic moment of global awakening and uprising, be part of it, open your minds and hearts, let your thoughts, feelings and love flow from one another, directly collaborate with all the others sharing your thoughst and feelings!

If you agree, please take a moment to translate this text in your native language and spread it into your online and realworld networks, in your countries, streeets, localities, collectives, families…

All for One, One for All!

May the force be with all of us!…


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